About Us

Welcome to the Eatmor Bundt Company! The Eatmor Bundt Company was created by Joyce Wells after she decided to take a sabbatical from the corporate world in 2004. Joyce thought she would stay home and take it easy with her family after many years on the road in the healthcare field. However, her family thought that meant if Mom is home, Mom can cook, bake, etc.

Well, this is a family that loves desserts, and in particular desserts without much icing, so of course, bundt cakes were the specialty. After much research on the Internet, Joyce decided that bundts were "the best" unique idea and very few places were taking them to market, especially in the Midwest, so why not create a business with this delightful product.

After much experimentation, much to the delight of family and friends Eatmor Bundt was born! Joyce loaded up the van and decided to start with a few local deli shops to see if they might be interested in this product of gourmet bundts of all shapes and flavors, including the hand painted bundts with french chocolates. Much to her delight and the surprise of her family, every single shop she stopped at that day; seven in total, said "YES!"


Eatmor Bundt took over the Wells family home, the kitchen was production, dining room packaging, basement storage, and the garage became the shipping area. With a website, the local shops and with the help of family & friends the word quickly spread about these wonderful bundt cakes. Eatmor Bundt grew into a storefront in just 8 months. The excitement was endless and the blessing of meeting wonderful folks along the way who opened many doors for Eatmor Bundt's growth was phenomenal!

This story now only gets bigger and better with endless new chapters. One of the best was when Joyce and her husband Brad, who now is "The Baker", decided that Eatmor Bundt needed something to be paired with these cakes. Tea, seemed to be the answer and in April 2006, the Twisted Fig Tea Room was added to our company. After many specialty tea training sessions, a vendor/gardener was picked and 25 teas were cultivated to be paired with the flavors of the bundt cakes. The addition of the loose leaf teas exploded our growth into a second storefront, with seating for sixty plus, and now includes sandwiches, salads, soups, quiche and more to enhance your experience.

We invite you to visit with us when you are in the area. We are located at 837 Lexington Avenue and although we no longer have "eat in" we do offer carry out and catering services. When the weather permits enjoy our outdoor dining area. We believe you will be delighted with your experience at Eatmor Bundt Company and our selecting of Twisted Fig Teas. Stop in and enjoy a quiet moment with us!