Our Unique Gourmet Flavors include:

Chipped & Shaved German Chocolate
This unique, moist yellow bundt features hand chipped & shaved German Chocolates

Wow! Cinn-a-mony & Delicious!
Grrrreat for breakfast or anytime

Buckeye Bundt
The best darn bundt in the land! This chocolate bundt features peanut butter chips.

Chocolate Raspberry or Chocolate Chocolate Chip
For the true chocolate lover! This one can be topped with our Decadent Icing or try our chocoglaze with toasted pecans. Available without raspberry.

Johnny's Apple Bundt
If only Johnny could taste what we have done with his apples! Great ole time flavor, and no butter or oils added.

Neapolitan Grande or The Strawberry Bundt
Layered strawberry, vanilla & chocolate
A truely unique presentation. Also available in strawberry.

Orange Pound or Vanilla Scratch
Fresh orange zest in our old fashioned pound and awesome pure vanilla in one of our best from scratch bundts.

Irish Cream Chocolate Dream
This one will warm your heart & your toes. This bundt features irish cream in a light chocolate bundt.

Turtle Bundt
If you love turtles you'll love these petit bundts! With whole pecans and french chocolates, petit bundt style only.

Pistachio Delight
Great pistachio, moist and light!

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